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Fingerprint Reader for Access Control & Attendance


This station covers all the basic needs for access and T&A - biometrics and/or card.


  • Capacitive touch sensor, FBI certified
  • Excellent identification performance
  • Access Control and T&A (In/Out)
  • In- and outdoor use
  • Flush or surface mount
  • Identification or RFID-verification
  • Small- and medium-sized user groups
  • Intuitive guidance by means of light ring
  • Standalone and network capability
  • Vandalism resistant

Try & Buy

Not familiar with biometrics or not sure if your team will like it? We’ve lowered the entrance barrier. If your company has a new project in access control or T&A with a potential for at least twenty-five devices, get in touch with us. We will provide you with a fully operational test device to try out for two months – for free.

If satisfied, acquire it via your reseller or, if not, simply return it to us.


Be it small or international, government, industry or services, our solutions can handle entities of all sizes and sectors.